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Dear Parishioners,

At long last, we are able to resume the celebration of Mass at San Roque this weekend, June 6 and 7.  As we do, the health and safety of all remain the priority.  There are limitations and requirements with which we must comply, so we will begin with 2 weekend Masses:

            Saturday, June 6 at 5:30 p.m.

            Sunday, June 7 at 9:30 a.m.

The protocol for each Mass is as follows:

  • If you are at risk, please stay safe at home.
  • 100 persons maximum will be strictly observed. Once 100 people have entered or Mass has begun, doors will be locked and no one may enter after this point.
  • Masks will be necessary to attend Mass.  Please put masks on before entering.
    • Please use hand sanitizer before entering by taking a hand wipe and using it to depress pump on bottle of hand sanitizer and dispose of hand wipe in trash receptacle.
    • Please observe social distancing upon entering and while seated (except for family units).
    • Only 2 entrances will be used.  Doors will open ½ hour before Mass begins.
    • Side door at Argonne Circle
    • Side door at the breezeway on west side
    • Please observe social distancing throughout Mass.

Communion Procedures:

  • Communion will take place at the end of Mass, received with social distancing and people departing after the reception of the Eucharist.
  • Line up in center aisle staying on marked spots.
  • Line up in center of each wing section on marked spots.   Minister will handle both wings in turn.
  • Communion will be given in hand only.
  • Please follow further instructions given at Mass.
  • Please do not enter the tabernacle area at all.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE CHURCH BATHROOMS WILL NOT BE OPEN as we have no way to clean after each person.   Please plan accordingly.
  • The church will be closed and locked immediately after Mass concludes for cleaning.

At this time, we are not resuming Confessions at San Roque. We are working on a plan to have a few weekday Masses with a limited amount of people in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Fr. Bruce Correio, Pastor


Favorite Hymns

We’ll be starting up soon and it will be so good for all of us to gather once again around the Lord’s table. We’ve recorded these four hymns hopefully to get you vocally warmed up for our Masses – even though we’ll be wearing our masks! Enjoy!

Cantors Ryan Ostendorf, Edward O'Toole, Kristin Stretz, and Paul Zink
David Potter at organ
Recorded live at San Roque Church


Sunday Mass celebrated by Bishop Barron    UPDATE:

We'd like to thank all of you who have watched and joined us in prayer during these difficult times. But with the resumption of public Masses in the state of California, Word on Fire will no longer be broadcasting daily Mass from Bishop Barron's chapel after Pentecost Sunday.

This offering was never meant to be a permanent initiative, but only to carry us through the coronavirus restrictions. Our ultimate goal has always been to encourage Catholics to return to their parishes once they reopened.

We know you've found consolation in these virtual Masses and we know that for some of you, this was your only way to participate in Mass. The good news is that you can still hear Bishop Barron's weekly homilies through his podcast, Bishop Barron's Sermons, where you'll find over ten years worth of homilies, with new ones added each week (you can also listen on his website.)






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